Core Moods

The most funnest alkaline spring water

What makes Moodwater “the most funnest spring water in the world”? The Moodicons of course! Moodicons? The MoodiconsTM are happy animated characters whose only job is to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Not only is our water packed with all sorts of nutrients and “Alkaliney” goodness, but every bottle also comes with a guaranteed smile on your face! So go ahead, pick up a bottle and express yourself with Moodwater.

Available: All Year Long
Sizes: 20Fl Oz | 1 Liter

20Fl Oz / 1 Liter

BPA Free Bottles

24X Bottles/Box

100% Recyclable

591ML 1 Liter

The DRP Boxes include a header inside the box, making it ideal for counter top displays or floor stacking.

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